OPEN, BROKEN, FREE – the three words used to best describe WIT! Singles, Four Days to Freedom, and the Whatever It Takes! Ministries in general, all started through the awesome willingness of Paul and Jenny Speed to share their testimony with the world.

In a nutshell:

OPEN: Baring the utter depths of your sinful soul to the people closest to you.  As a married person, that means your husband or wife and children.  As a single that means your parents or the main authorities in your life.  It also means going to each person you have offended by your sin, to the best of your ability, and asking his or her forgiveness. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the basic premise.

BROKEN: Taking full responsibility for your sin and the damage it has caused – no matter what, no matter how long, no matter how much it hurts.  When I first “came clean” with my wife, family, authorities, and people affected by my sin, I looked like a really good guy and received a lot of praise for my willingness to be open and ask forgiveness.  I wasn’t even close to being truly broken, and sank back down into hidden sin within months of confessing all.  It took getting caught again and Jenny Speed speaking the stark truth into my life before I really started on the path to brokenness.  Being truly broken means doing God’s will and not your own, through the power of His grace.  Again, lots more to it, but that’s a start.

FREE: The glorious realization that I am no longer held in bondage by Satan because there is no longer any hidden sin in my life.  Satan has absolutely no hook in me.  What is he going to say?  “If you don’t do what I say, I’ll tell your wife your deepest, darkest, most hideous sin…”  My response?  “Too late, Satan – I already told her!”  How about, “I’ll tell your friends and co-workers what a rotten person you really are.”  “Go ahead, Satan – I’ve already told most of them, and I really don’t care who knows.  It will give me an opportunity to share the freedom I have in Jesus Christ.”  True freedom is precious, beautiful, and wonderful!  I can ask my wife for prayer at any time for anything, and she will battle with me rather than condemning me, because she trusts me.  How many people can say that?!?

OPEN, BROKEN, FREE – the only way to live!

May the Peace and Love of Christ fill your life,


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