Over the last couple of days I have been watching two presentations by Doug Small.  I think they are the best expositions of Ephesians 5 that I have ever heard!

Ten Characteristics of a Godly Husband—Part 1


Ten Characteristics of a Godly Husband—Part 2

If you don’t have a subscription to Embassy Institute, it is only $9.00 for a month – hardly more than Netflix, and the content is much more edifying.

The second video includes a definition of πορνεια (fornication) that made me take a step back and see myself in a new light – it nailed me, spot on, as seeing people merely as objects.  I’ve known that to be a big problem with me, but not in the context of fornication.

Husbands, this is a must-see!  If you are already living out the ten characteristics he expounds, God bless you!  As Doug Small says (tongue in cheek), he hopes that before she dies his wife is married to a Christian, and that it doesn’t take his own death to make that happen (they’ve been married almost 40 years).

Young men, this is a must see! If you ever hope to be married, you need these godly, Christ-like characteristics governing your life now, not waiting until 20-plus years into marriage and it’s your last hope of saving the relationship.

Divorced men, this is a must-see!  It will open your eyes to understand how it wasn’t all her fault. If the opportunity is still there, and you really develop these characteristics, you can win her back – it’s not too late!

While you have a subscription, take a look at Chris and Anne Hogan’s How to Rekindle the Love in Your Marriage.  It is impactful!

The grace of God and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

– George