I have been seeing a lot of articles lately regarding the likelihood that the Boy Scouts of America will succumb to outside pressure within a few years and allow openly homosexual men as leaders, to which I say…



Ok, now that I have let it sink in for a moment or two, let me put it in context:

I was a Boy Scout from age 11 to 18.  At age 15, I attended Buckskin TLD at Camp Emerson in California.  Everyone just called it “Buckskin,” but the “TLD” stood for “Troop Leadership Development.” The program has gone through some name changes, but the training still exists with the emphasis on training troop leadership.

Think about it. I was in hard-core LEADERSHIP training. I was taught “Manager of Learning” (MOL) principles (look it up – not lightweight fluff), how to train younger scouts using a flip chart, how to lead songs around the campfire, how plan a camp menu…in short, how to LEAD a Scout troop.

Newsflash, folks – the BSA has already voted to allow homosexuals in leadership.  I held every leadership position available to a Scout under age 18 – Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.  I have no distinct memories of witnessing homosexual behavior (though there was plenty of coarse jesting about it). I definitely was exposed to a lot more deviant behavior than my Scoutmaster was aware of, including pyromania and drug abuse.  I have a distinct memory of senior Scouts putting new members through “initiation” off in the woods, which included pain and humiliation (such as being hung from a tree by rope tied to their underwear).

I had two of the best Scoutmasters one could want – one of whom was my father, and another a solid Baptist who taught us to honor God. Even so, they were not the real “leaders” of the troop. By design, they were there to be mentors and facilitators to the true leaders – the older Scouts – and they could not keep tabs on every last thing that happened; especially at a Camporee or Jamboree with hundreds of other Scouts in attendance.

In short, I can only imagine what a 15- to 18-year-old homosexual Senior Patrol Leader might deem appropriate for “initiation,” or what might happen to an 11-year-old Scout out in the woods on his first trip far from home, all without any adult involvement or knowledge.

To reiterate, people no longer have to worry about the BSA allowing homosexuals as leaders – it is a fait accompli. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”



P.S. If you want an excellent father/son organization to join after leaving the BSA, give Alert Cadets a look.

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