I have been on the path of becoming a broken, Christian man ever since I heard my good friend Paul Speed and his wife Jenny of Whatever It Takes! share their testimony in August of 2005.  It has been a long road of coming clean with my wife so that nothing is hidden between us, breaking the hold that Satan had on my life because of my lying, deception, and bondage to hidden sin.  Now I can truly say that I am free from the bondage, and I walk in brokenness in many areas of my life, but I understand that sanctification and coming to complete brokenness in Christ is a lifelong task.  So, I am constantly growing and learning of new areas that I need to surrender to God’s control, learning each day more about true brokenness – that humble attitude that says, “Not my will, God, but Your will be done in my life…in my relationships with my wife and children…in every situation.”

My hope is that, through this blog, we can all come to a better understanding of what it truly means to be spiritually broken, and practically how to walk in humility and brokenness in this fallen world.


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