Have you ever f…

Have you ever felt like you had made a stride toward brokenness, only to then feel like you slipped back ten steps?  That happens to me, though not as often as it used to.

When you do find that you’re not as broken in an area as you thought, don’t let the enemy, Satan, whisper discouragement and get you to spiral down into a funk.  If you let him, he will have you sitting in a puddle, staring at your belly button, bemoaning your worthlessness in no time. Or, he will hit your pride and try to tell you that you are being inordinately persecuted, that it’s not such a big matter and your spouse should get over it…

Instead, reject the lies of the enemy and do something to change, to become more broken, to become more like Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

One of the hardest things I wrestle with is truly dying to the flesh.  I am going to paraphrase a picture painted by Steve Gallagher of Pure Life ministries.  He talks about sin as a raging pit bull, muzzled and chained, that you are struggling to keep muzzled and keep under control.  He likens it to the flesh, and bondage to sin.  His recommendation is to quit trying to keep it muzzled and on a chain, and, “Just shoot the dang thing!”

Too often I think I am doing well because I am disciplined enough to look away, or to hold my thoughts captive, or to walk away from a situation…but my wife is devastated that I am still being tempted and drawn in that area, instead of being dead to it.  

How do I kill the flesh, dies to temptation?  One way is to stop feeding it, starve it to death.  At the same time, feeding the Spirit of God living within me through prayer and scripture and fellowship.

Brokenness is not instantaneous, but neither should your sanctification be so slow that no one notices.  You need to let the Holy Spirit do His work, and mold you into the image of Christ.

Take a good look at 2 Corinthians Chapter 3.  Apply it, along with Romans Chapter 8.  


Go with God,